MASS CALIBRATION includes Weighing Balance calibration range covers 1 mg to 200 kg done through E2 class, F1 class & M1 Class standard Weights and Standard Weights calibration range covers 1 mg to 5kg done through High precision Weighing Balances.

FORCE CALIBRATION includes Push pull gauge, Load Cell, UTM, CTM range covers up to 3000kn done through standard weights and High Accuracy Load Cell with Indicator

VOLUME CALIBRATION includes Burette, Micro Pipette, Standard Flask, Measuring jar range covers 10ul to 2000ml done through High precision Balances and High Accuracy Standard Weights.

  • Weighing Balances
  • Volumetric jars
  • Burette / Flask / Pipette
  • Standard Weights / Weight Box
  • Micropipette
  • Air Velocity meter
  • Conical Flask Shakers
  • Force Gauge & Pedal Force
  • Water Flow meter
  • Sensor Tension
  • Gauge Duct Velocity
  • Balances
  • Spring Balance
  • Push Pull Gauge
  • Load Cell
Mass & Volume
Mass & Volume
Mass & Volume