Transformer & insulating Oil Testing

The transformer consists of various materials namely,
  • Insulating materials - Transformer oil, Kraft Paper, press board, wood, insulated copper conducted cable, etc.
  • Sealing materials - Rubber and cork
  • Ferrous materials - Cold rolled grain oriented steel (CRGO), Nickel alloys, Stainless Steel etc.
  • Non-ferrous materials - Copper and copper alloys, Aluminium and its alloys

The transformer oil being a liquid/insulating/coolant system comes in contact with above materials and during the operating life, the oil will deteriorate. The analysis of transformer oil will provide information regarding the condition of the oil as well as the transformer.

To ensure higher reliability and safety, insulation condition monitoring and trend analysis are of major concern. Insulation trend anaysis will conclude type of failure as well as severity of the fault. This will make easy to understand type of maintenance required, loading constraints and future management required.

The overall integrity of the asset can be assessed with minimum risk of sudden failure. The environmental risk can be reduced. Effect of aging rate on the life expectancy can be established. Condition monitoring provides information on the developing insulation problems and incipient faults. Thus early warning of any abnormality can avert the catastropic failure.

We have facilities to test the Transformer oil (both service and new oil) . The lab is equipped and capable of diagnostic evaluation of transformer oils based on the tested parameters. Details of the testing and standard test methods are as follows.

The laboratory is equipped with following test equipment:
  • Gas chromatography with FID and TCD detectors
  • Potentiometric Titrator - Metrohm Oil Titrino Plus
  • Motorized Oil Dielectric BDV Test Set
  • Moisture Analyser – KF Coulometer
  • Tan Delta And Resistivity Test Set
  • Viscosity Bath – Cannon Fenske Routine Viscometer
  • Multiple Gas Extractor
  • Interfacial Tensiometer
  • Flash Point apparatus

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